Zeeshan Syed, PhD, CEO

Zeeshan is the CEO of HEALTH[at]SCALE and was a Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford Medicine and an Associate Professor with Tenure in Computer Science at the University of Michigan. Zeeshan was previously part of the early-stage team that launched the Google[X] Life Sciences Initiative (now Verily). Zeeshan is a recipient of multiple awards including an NSF CAREER award and holds a PhD from MIT EECS and Harvard Medical School in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, and MEng and SB degrees in EECS from MIT.

John Guttag, PhD, CTO

John is the CTO of HEALTH[at]SCALE, the Dugald C. Jackson Professor of EECS at MIT, and the Former Chair of the EECS Department at MIT. John is a Fellow of the AAAS and ACM. John leads the Data-Driven Medicine Group at MIT and is a Principal Investigator for the Big Data Initiative at CSAIL. Before joining HEALTH[at]SCALE, John was on the board of Revco Pharmacies, Avid Technologies, and Empirix. John is an alumnus of Brown University and was awarded a PhD from the University of Toronto.

Mohammed Saeed, MD PhD, CMO

Mohammed is the CMO of HEALTH[at]SCALE and serves on the Faculty in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Michigan. Mohammed is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology and has several years of experience as a clinician. Mohammed was an Engineering-Scientist for Philips Healthcare before joining HEALTH[at]SCALE. Mohammed was awarded an MD from Harvard Medical School, MEng and PhD degrees in EECS from MIT, and a BS in EECS from Purdue

David Guttag, Former CBO

David was previously the CBO of HEALTH[at]SCALE and worked with the company between 2015 and 2017. He joined HEALTH[at]SCALE from Emerson Road Capital Management where he was a Portfolio Manager. David also previously worked at Merrill Lynch and HealthCor Management. David graduated from MIT with a BS in Economics.