Precision Navigation

Navigate patients towards providers predicted to be individually optimal

Predictive Machine Intelligence to Recommend Providers for You

Using breakthrough advances in small data machine intelligence, Precision Navigation models specialist, surgical, primary care, home health and skilled nursing providers nationwide and predicts how the outcomes for each individual patient may vary across different network provider choices based on the patient’s unique health characteristics and needs. The solution makes deeply personalized outcomes-driven provider recommendations in real-time to inform patients, care team members, care coordinators and call center operators at multiple points of decision. With this solution, each patient is empowered with a highly individualized shortlist of recommended providers to simplify the referral process and enable broader utilization of the overall network.

Key Features

Patient-Specific Recommendations

Recommend providers based on the unique health characteristics and needs of individual patients

Proprietary Machine Intelligence

Model how the outcomes for individual physicians and facilities vary across a comprehensive set of patient factors

Optimized for Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Drive double-digit improvements in clinical and financial outcomes for patients, providers, employers and payers


Designed for Actionability

Integrated with patient portals, EHRs, call center and care team operations for real-time use

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